I went there in winter and saw Lightnin’ Malcolm with Kimbrough’s grandson, playing hip hop drums against this grinding, excessive guitar thing. It was really good, fire baskets blazing and the stars over the Mississippi. Suddenly I thought wow, how did I get here?”

Robert Plant

Lightnin Malcolm

With his One Man Band format– playing guitar and drums simultaneously, while singing– he puts lesser bluesmen to the shame. Even his genre can’t be contained, his self titled “World Roots Music” a swirling mix of rock, funk, soul, gospel, reggae and more, tethered by his blistering brand of Hill Country Blues.”

Elmore Magazine

Malcolm made his guitar seem like a toy as he used it as a bass, rhythm and lead instrument, often seemingly impossibly at the same moments.”

The Rogovoy Report

Lightnin Malcolm is the real deal, a guitarist/singer will probably be buried with his guitar. Give this guy a listen if you want to hear somebody who still sings and plays like he means it.”

Music News Nashville

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